Hello there,

this is Alex, and I would like to point out a few things. First of all: this is a fun site. It´s supposed to be a fun project, and not to be taken too seriously. Astrology has been my hobby for a long time and bears much wisdom if not applied too superficial. You will still have to critically question everything the stars might tell you. Unfortunately, we fail too easy to see the beauty that lays within the human being´s soul. The most important lesson life taught me is to show some love towards the negativity, that as carnal beings we can´t neglect. We can try to overcome all that we deem bad and ugly, but we will never really succeed until we accept these negative traits as a part of our souls, that have their right to exist just as much as our most beloved positive traits.

The dark sides need to be loved aswell. They may not be ignored, and of course are to be overcome, but they teach us prescious lessons, feelings of right and wrong aswell as creativity. They lead to a deeper knowledge, a knowledge that all that exists wants to be loved and to be appreciated. This is what we all want in life: to be truly loved and to be truely accepted. We long this from the depths of our souls. Bad character traits come from fear. The fear of not being loved, the fear of being abandoned, the fear of loss, the fear of being alone and so on.

Don´t be one-dimensional, see that the reason you are on this earth is to learn, to grow, and to love! And what is life without having fun?

If an article here characterizes one zodiac as being so and so, this is of course a generalization that may not be accurate. Every person is different, so don´t see the articles as orthodox and set-in-stone. They show common tendencies, as portraied by astrologers for a long time.

Please, nevertheless take the zodiac articles with a grain of salt, they were written to entertain, not to educate. Astrology is not rocket science, and it may be that you know people that are born under a specific zodiac, but don´t have a personality like discribed in one of the articles here. It is all about presumed tendencies, not facts. The stars may show some influence on the life of human beings, but this influence can be overridden by personal choices, will and behavior.

However, some of the character traits mentioned may be true to a certain degree. But think for yourself. Don´t let anyone else tell you how you should feel or think towards another person. Show them love, most likely it will come back to you. If it is not reciprocated by the one person you wish would do so, then it will come back to you from another source. Do never try to force it, and see that everything and everyone we encounter in life does want to teach something to us. In overcoming problems and hurdles, we grow strong. We have to acknowledge that horoscopes show tendencies of character, not the actual character. A person is much more than what words could describe.

And after all, a person´s ascendent (the hour of birth) is as much important to an astrological forecasting than the actual sign of the zodiac. So, this is a thing to remember.

Again: the described personalities / character traits are not to be seen as facts! They are to be seen as tendencies. Don´t let prejudice overcome your mind, judge for yourself. Every person is a child of god and the universe gave each human being an unique personality that may not and never be judged by prejudice.

That said, I hope you enjoy and I wish you all the best!



Dawning of the age of aquarius
Picture: “Dawning of the age of aquarius” by Virgil Telmo | Licence: CC BY 2.0