The Pisces man and his sexuality


Feb 20. – Mar 20.

The Pisces man is passionate, sensitive and precarious. When dealing with him, you´ll have to expect the unexpected. He is torn by contradicting impulses – like the symbol of this zodiac, two fish, swimming in opposite directions. An antithetic being, who will choose the one thing, and then do the opposite.

He has an unusual understanding for his fellows, and that gives him an aura of attraction. His soul is warm and receptive, and he sees other people not as they are, but as he wants to see them. For him, sensual women are most attractive, especially if they are a bit dominating. He idealizes the one person he loves, and even if that person does not treat him right, he turns a blind eye on that. He might forgive the worst behavior, so be gentle. In his mind, the woman he loves cannot do anything wrong.

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Constantly drawn by alteration and excitement, he is in a state of everchanging emotion and longing for emotional stability. He is a dreamer, a man who has impossible visions, but is very creative. Love does not only have to be romantic for him – like moonlight, roses and poems – love means having a home, being content and feeling protection.

Though, you cannot expect him to be too faithful. That’s not his style. He is far too sensitive and too easily influenced. For a while, he will tell himself that his partner knows what is right for him, and align his course thereafter. But then, his emotional compas will suddenly swing in the direction of another magnetic pole – unless he experiances you as equally forgiving as he is. With understanding and the right balance between giving him love but not patronizing him and letting him the space he needs, you will have him commit to you, and only you. If that is save, he will not let you go easily.

But how can a woman live with a man, that is only concerned with the present moment? One must be particularly sensitive to his rapidly changing, volatile game of feelings – and especially willing to let him feel the firming effect of unconditional love. For him, love is the vast, endless firmament… You must make this the sheltering roof upon his head. If he is offered stability, he will certainly give it back. He needs stability in his life, and may not always be able to provide it on his own.

However, he is not your average marriage candidate. If a woman manages to drag him to the altar, his roving eye will sooner or later fall on another woman. For him, romantic love is a revolving door that leads to the registry office on one side, and on the other to a divorce court. Some say that he won´t respect any vows, neither his own, nor from other women he finds attractive.

He is sensual, intelligent and unusually creative. A wonderful traveling companion, for him everything has to have the best quality. He wastes money, does not think about tomorrow and never ever will count the cost. He is going to shower his lover with expensive gifts, even if lacking the ressources.

Because he is very easy to influence, he readily takes other people’s attitudes and habits. If they are nice people, he is nice too. If they drink, he´ll also become a drinker.

If his Sun in the Pisces has good aspects, he´ll show all the advantages this sensitive sign of the zodiac has to offer. He may be idealistic, self-sacrificing and enchanting. Gifted with creative talent, he can be a highly skilled artist or writer, but unfortunately not a very capable businessman. That is because he prefers working alone, and does not like hard work after all. If you want to get him to do something, you´ll have to make it difficult for him. He will follow the easiest path instinctively. He lacks practical thinking, organizational skills and the dynamics of overachievers.

The best job for him is a job in which he can be creative, such as being an advertising executive, where ideas are more important than execution. He would rather get lost in his own mental reflections than being active. He is a dilatory procrastinator who just cannot bring himself to getting stuff done. Although he is articulate, he does not know how to call a spade a spade. He uses his eloquence to avoid clear and unambiguous statements. He is rarely offensive, but his environment seldom knows what he is up to. It is hard to get hold of him, like a slippery fish.

At some point you will finally realize the reason why he does this – it is because he does not own personal beliefs or firm convictions. Apparently he listens with genuine interest and great attention, but in reality he stays with his thoughts somewhere else, or simply is daydreaming and thinking about something completely different. Nobody will notice, because he understands pretending to be listening perfectly. He can pretend he was listening far better than others, who happen to really listen.

Are the constellations of his character bad, he easily falls to the deepest levels of drug abuse or alcohol addiction and can be seduced by any vices. Basically, he lacks self-confidence, and he needs support from others like the waters from a spring.

In Bed…

He takes the lead and gets angry when he does not see an immediate response. He is resented when his desires are questioned and is offended when delays occur. If he wants a woman, he wants her now – immediately!

He tends to have secretive meetings and affairs, often with married women. Since he respects neither moral nor legal barriers, and he prefers experienced partners.

The Pisces man is, as usual, in conflict with himself. On the one hand, he is very fond of anonymous encounters. He seeks the mysterious stranger whom he barely knows and on which he can project his secret desires. He must just not get to know her too well, because that would destroy his idealized image of her completely. On the other hand, he longs for spiritual union and  emotional connection.

This desire is particularly high when he was repeatedly disappointed by a casual acquaintance – the problems of interpersonal everyday life can overshadow the thrill of prior sexual encounters. In general, it is difficult for him to establish a purely sexual relationship without falling in love or developing romantic feelings.

You have to read his thoughts to know what pleases the Pisces man in bed. He expects his mistress to intuitively know how to bring him out of his shell. The disappointment is exeedingly large when he gives subtile signals, that he does not like something, be not noticed or ignored. He will not speak about it directly – the lover must acknowledge his body language.

The Pisces man is very keen to satisfy his lover sexually. In this regard, he is anything but selfish. A disgruntled lover robs him of any motivation and leaves him be depressed for a long time. However, an overjoyed lover in bed, motivates him to top form, where he can outgrow himself. In general, he loves to break boundaries and taboos. His imagination is limitless and so he will always come up with new ideas on how to enrich his love life.

Even if the Pisces man may meddle and sometimes be like a maniac having crazy with a stranger sex all night long, he may prove his romantic streak only to his queen of hearts. A kiss is then not just a kiss – rather a promise, in which he swears  eternal love and devotion to the lady of his heart.

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Which zodiac is right for the Pisces Man in Bed



Pisces and Aries

The dynamic Aries exploits the Pisces´ sexual power in bed to the max. Of course, Aries commands – and that´s just like how the Pisces wants it. However, tactfulness is mandatory if this affair is supposed to be successful in other aspects of life. Pisces are hypersensitive and can´t deal too well with criticism, whereas Aries oftentimes is uncouth. If both overcome these little troubles, there is potential for a passionate long lasting relationship.


Pisces and Taurus

These two are almost identical in the way they live their passions, but the Pisces are very much sensitive and need special consideration which the prosaic Taurus often lacks. Pisces are far more emotional and sentimental, and may be hurt if met with too much objectiveness. If this is solved, and mutually understood, then this match has a good outlook on a most satisfying life together. A sensual affair, and a savoury marriage.


Pisces and Gemini

These two personalities tend both to be unstable and have a pretty much hopeless relationship. There may be a strong physical attraction, but Gemini are too volatile and Pisces too emotional to form a durable bond. The Gemini´s thoughtlessness will hurt the Pisces. Both are quite egocentric, and won´t care much about adapting to the needs of the other. They both need a stronger, more commanding partner and fit better together as true friends than spouses. A short, possibly pretty hot affair, but not a very happy marriage.


Pisces and Cancer

The Cancer will prove as an demanding lover, but that won´t bother the Pisces a bit. Sexually, both let themselves go in the arms of the other and propably will spend a lot of time in bed. Cancer will take the lead and does the descision-making. Even though having arguments, each will care about satisfying the other´s emotional needs. They fit very well together. What started as an easy affair might lead to a long term relationship or even a solid marriage.


Pisces an Leo

Fire and water don´t mix. The fulsome Leo feels frustrated by the introverted Pisces, even in bed. They both don´t really understand each other. Emotional Pisces will get on the Leo´s nerves and push him away to seek their satisfaction in other places. The Pisces suspire at home, and let sad daydreams overcome them while the Leo is enjoying social life to the fullest without them. A love affair will be difficult to maintain, a marriage is most likely no good idea.


Pisces and Virgo

The Pisces needs for contious proofs of love won´t find much appreciation by the reluctant Virgo. She refuses the Pisces´ sexual escapades, becomes hypercritical and carping. Other problems will soon join in. The practical and logic Virgo doesn´t care about the Pisces´ extravaganza and won´t tolerate their sometimes hefty moodswings. She likes to plan things and hates surprises, whereas Pisces act impulsive and change their mind shortafter. And affair brings fights and spat, a marriage goes without much joy.


Pisces and Libra

They have their difficulties, except in everything sexual. Even if they match well in bed, most likely a serious relationship will be hardly rewarding. Libra can´t give the guidance that Pisces need. Both love luxuries, but don´t like to work hard – which is how one achieves said luxury. A rather inharmonic affair, a marriage ending in bitterness.


Pisces and Scorpio

These two form an astrological dream – team, and should expect a deep and satisfying union. They don´t only match regarding their sexual needs, the Scorpio gives the Pisces ground-solid backing which they need in other areas of life. Pisces won´t challenge the Scorpio´s jealousy and understand their possessiveness as a form of love, which in fact it is. The earlier this couple devotes themselves to eternal love, the happier they will be.


Pisces and Sagittarius

At first, an erotic attraction may be there. But Sagittarius is too independant and adventerous, this will lead the Pisces to be even more clungy and overly attached. The Pisces´ extensive loveplay bores the restless Sagittarius, who would like to persue other intrests. Sagittarius is tempted to ridicule the Pisces´ sentimental longings, and alienates them. An affair will find its end as fast as it begun, a marriage could end in a catastrophy.


Pisces and Capricorn

A wonderful match, sexually and in other areas. There may be small problems and misunderstandings, but both are capable to finding a solution. The strong and domineering Capricorn knows how to make Pisces feel desirable and free from danger. Pisces on the other hand give an ounce of romanticism to the crude Capricorn´s soul. Their dissimilarities complement each other, a love affair will be pretty good, and a marriage happy and fulfulling.


Pisces and Aquarius

Sexually, they may find each other most stimulating, both are imaginative lovers. But the egocentric and subjective Pisces don´t have much in common with the extroverted and sociable Aquarius. Being independent and determined, Aquarius won´t care to endorse and prop Pisces constantly. Aquarius wants to solve issues with logic, Pisces with feels. Over time, problems will become so overwhelming, that the relationship fails.


Pisces and Pisces

Mutual emotional understanding can lead to outstanding relationships, even more when considering the partner´s sexual needs. If problems in life could be solved solely with carnal harmony, there could hardly be a better twosome. But them both being emotional leeches, their strengths of mind will soon come to an end. Without a strong and commanding partner they lose themselves and head for the wrong directions. A very sensual love affair. Nevertheless, a marriage could end in sexual escapades, or even visciousness.

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