The Aries Man and his Sexuality


Mar 21. – Apr 20.

You will notice very soon: a friend, lover or spouse, who was born in the sign of Aries is aggressive, energetic and restless. He may be impractical and impulsive, but thatfore imaginative and dynamic. He has it. Who takes an aries man cannot know where it will end up. But whereever that may be, it will be truely exciting. You will quickly realize that he is generous in one moment and stingy in the next moment. He can drive a woman mad, but she will still find it delightful.

She thinks it’s amazing because the Aries man is an aphrodisiac. He is a dominating personality that defies rules and conventions, and is most impatient. He is not interested in the “missionary position” when falling into bed. If it is a bed at all. The Aries in love wants to sleep with his woman on a moving boat or on the top of a car.

His chosen will experience all the delights one could wish for – and sometimes even a little more. The delights are abundant, but kind of a game of bowling with hand grenades. Every moment something could explode.

He is jealous. He wants his spouse with lock, stock and barrel, what she may not expect from him though. He may be a bed hopper, but from his woman he demands absolute loyalty. If she makes a fling, it’s over. He is jealous of everyone, from his best friend to the postman.

You will not get understanding from an aries man if you come up with the excuse that you would “need time to think” – he wants to hear only one answer from the woman he loves: “Yes!” He won´t worry about upcoming events. His pride is not content with half measures and will demand more. Working hard, a bit stormy, ripping her clothes off, but then stops like he had promised. He is most certainly not boring. With him, you can experience a night not soon to be forgotten.

You can bind him by saying nice things about him his ability – he is very accessible to flattery, if it´s not applied too thick. But the Aries man is not stupid. He happens to be so self-confident, that he thinks the flattery is rather an underestimation.