The Cancer Man – Character and Sexuality


Jun 22. – Jul 22.

You won´t be able to read him like an open book, because he will show an opaque side of himself to strangers. There are secrets, which he never revealed to anyone, not even the closest friend.

He is restless, prone to festering, is an idealist and a very sentimental dreamer. He is lovable in his softness. Do not misinterpret that as weakness, he is a romantic. Since he is dominated by the waxing and waning moon, he will experience emotional highs and abysmal depths, and has the ability to take other people in the one direction or the other. When meeting him the first time, he may seem tidy and inclined to flirt, but that’s just one of his moods. The next time he can be dark and unfriendly. You never know where you stand with him. Even if you know him better, you will be quiet confused by his changing moods. Maybe he suddenly flares up irascible. But if you do adress it, he will apologize a little grumpy.

He may believe in women’s liberation, but his nature compels him to feel as a protector of the “weaker gender”. He is polite and gallant, an old school charmer.

He loves the company of beautiful women, especially if they are witty conversation partners. Who does not? The difference to other zodiacs is that even though being an obvious Casanova, the Cancer man is very attractive to women. But as soon as he has conquered her, he will become possessive. His mistress will have a hard time to meet his expectations, for he is always expecting too much. The situation get even more complicated by the fact that the cancer man tends to sulk and withdraw into his shell when he is disappointed, instead of pointing out what is annoying him. That might happen rather bluntly, and may alienate the woman he loves.

He enjoys foods and drinks, but don´t assume that he will dress properly to an occasion. He does not care about his clothes or looks. He will still wear his old sweater and tennis pants from collage days that may have become a little tight around his belly. The Cancer man is no peacock. (more…)