The Gemini Man – Character and Sexuality


May 21. – Jun 21.

He is constantly on the move. Hyperactively jumping from one place to another – from one person to another – from one activity to another. Restless and nervous, he is not content with living one day at a time, but trying to squeeze a week or a month into 24 hours. He is living on different levels at the same time. Whatever he likes to do, he longs to do something else. He revels in contradictions. A woman cannot even be sure if he really likes her because he always acts contradictory. While he is showering her with attention, maybe she is totally indifferent to him. What kind of feelings he may have remains uncertain, he seeks to disguise them whenever possible.

He detests timetables. They are unbearable to him. You cannot expect him to comply with mealtimes, or to go to sleep at a set hour. He does not like to be some kind of a “prisoner of the clock”. He is exceptionally smart and is verbally talented. And how much he talks! He enjoys hearing himself talk very much. He juggles with several topics all at once and allows them to float together in one conversation.

Do not try to defeat him in the war of words. He is most eloquent, and words are weapons for him. He knows how to handle them with devastating effect. Even in a conversation a strange restlessness is noticeable, because he jumps from one topic to another. This may have an electrifying and/or magnetic effect on interlocutors and never seems confusing or uncontrolled, because what he says is bursting with intelligence and wit.

He is a fascinating, versatile and intellectual person who is constantly, almost painfully aware of how others may react to him. His enthusiasm causes him going in all directions and taking up too much. When executing a plan, he develops great energy but it is difficult for him to stay in line. Too often, the quick-witted, sharp-witted Gemini man gets behind, overtaken by less imaginative competitors. He is the Leonardo da Vinci of amateurs.

Failures get him bad. He maules himself with self-blame and sinks into a depression that confirmes his secret fear of inadequacy. But this feeling does not last long. A new interest will motivate him and his life spirits will have new upswing, almost meteoric. He is interested in games and sports, hobbies and all kinds of distraction. He likes to travel around again and again to see something new. He works hard, but only for a short time. He is achieving his best performances when work is a stimulating mental challenge. He needs frequent pauses and holidays to break the routine. Basically he make his hobbies more fun than any work. (more…)