The Leo Man – Character and Sexuality


Jul 23. – Aug 23.

Wherever he goes, whatever he does, the Leo man wants to be noticed. He is very attractive to women, and he knows it. When he enters a room, the attention of women will be on him, and with envy the other men look at him. He admires beautiful women, but he does not like it when they talk too loud or wear very flashy dresses. His companion must always behave modestly. He wants to be the center of attention!

He likes outdoors activities, especially during the day when the sun is shining. The sun is his cosmic mistress, he loves the sun. And he loves sporting competition in which he excels. You’d think he would fear the inevitable defeat that everyone experiences at some point. But the Leo even knows how to turn defeat into victory. This is his grand entrance! To the lucky winner he will show a royal attitude, he is a person that stands above all. As he does this with so much confidence, out of confusion some viewers may even mistake him for the winner! Anyway, you will like them think that just an unfortunate accident took his triumph away, that he actually really had deserved because of his superior talents.

The Leo man is very extroverted. He likes to laugh. He is not a braggart or bluffer, but occasionally he can be a tyrant. He revels in luxury and finds the best just good enough for himself. In his eyes, what belongs to him, is the best. Furthermore, no one can argue with him about that. Half measures are not for him. When he goes into battle, it will probably be a glorious battle. When it comes to falling in love, the sparks must fly – or better, let it become a bonfire. He plays with life, with love and with the money. He does not find it reckless to go into a game of chance, because he feels that it is easy, his fate is to be a winner.

Other men do like him because he does not take shit from anyone. Women do like him because he is competetive, fiery and intense. He has an open hand and is a valuable friend. If worst comes to worst, he takes great risks in order to ensure the safety of the ones he loves. (more…)